Greetings! I am CF (Asha) from Singapore, and I am an accredited Akashic Records Reader of the Akashic Light Academy. If you resonate with my blog posts, and would like to seek insights, clarity and healing from your Masters, you’re most welcomed to book a session with me and experience the benefits. If you require any clarification, feel free to reach out to me. ❤

Akashic Records Reading & Healing Session (1 hour)

What is it about?

“Akashic Records” is an energetic realm or library where the records of every soul since the beginning of time has been stored. It allows one to access by means of a sacred prayer using one’s full legal name. Each session has two components: reading & healing. During the reading (~30-40mins), I will connect with your Masters to answer any queries that you may have, to provide insights & clarity. During the healing (~20-30mins), I will run Akashic Light Clearings & Activations (C&As), which are energetic commands that assist the body to heal & release on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels, whether past or present lifetimes. C&As allow one the opportunity to heal & release past baggage that no longer serves us, so that we can start on a cleaner slate. C&As are facilitated by the Masters, and work at one’s divine timing.

Each session is conducted online via Zoom or Skype. It is as effective as an in-person session, as energy knows no time & space.

How can you benefit from the session?

The Akashic realm energies are deeply healing & nourishing for the soul. Simply basking in the Akashic realm energies allow one to feel the unconditional love & support from your Masters. Benefits of the session include:

  • Receiving much-needed insights & clarity from a Higher & Pure Source to queries that matter to you. Examples include (list is non-exhaustive; every client is empowered to frame the queries that matter to them):
    • What is my soul’s purpose? How can I work towards my soul’s purpose?
    • What is the root cause for my relationship issues with XXX? How to release?
    • What is the root cause for my specific fear or issue? How to release?
    • Am I in the right career? What kind of career suits me? How can I work towards the right career?
    • How can I improve my business? How can I gain more abundance?
  • Knowing the right actions to take for your soul’s highest good.
  • Being able to understand the current issues affecting you from a Higher perspective, and confidently progressing on your soul’s journey.
  • Receiving healing to specific issues that arose during the session, so that you have the opportunity to heal & release past baggage that no longer serves you and start on a cleaner state.

Cost of each session

Each session is priced at Singapore Dollars $180. Payment is via Paypal to I will schedule a session with you, usually over weekends, upon payment.

It is my deepest honour & privilege to connect with your Masters to serve you.


English, Mandarin

After getting my Akashic Reading done with you my life has changed massively. Especially I am trying to also work on all the guidance that the Masters provided and it has accelerated my evolution. Very grateful to you for everything ❤

Dr Ridz @drridzangelcardreader

Thank you very much for the session. It has helped me answer some of the burning questions that I had for the longest time and after this session, the answers have become so much more clearer to me. I’m glad to get the confirmation, messages and guidance from the Masters on what to do and how to go about doing it. Thank you once again for the insightful and amazing session.