My reflections on giving my powers away to others

Recently, I was being shown how much I have given my powers away to others over the years, whether knowingly or unknowingly, especially in the work context.

For many years, I took for granted that my job is meaningful as long as I focus on executing my assigned role dutifully. As a legal counsel, my role is to review legal contracts and provide legal advice, to protect the organisation’s interest. What I didn’t realise in the past was that my belief that my job is meaningful rests upon various assumptions & expectations imposed upon others.

The assumptions & expectations imposed upon others include:

  • The idea that the people in power have the wisdom to do the right things and the compassion to genuinely care for the welfare of all employees and stakeholders.
  • The idea that everyone is united in heart & mind to collaborate towards a greater purpose.

One day, during a high-level meeting, it dawned upon me how flawed these ideas were. It was as if the Masters wanted to use the meeting to show the truth to me, as it is, without any sugar-coating, hallucination, and imagination on my part.

As a messenger of truth during the meeting, I was shocked beyond all measure when I witnessed the people’s reaction to a perceived problem – launching into an autopilot mode of finger-pointing, mud-slinging, infighting, accusatory statements thrown from a place of ego & pride. My bubble of illusion was shattered. The reality that was shown to me was that:

  • The people in power, just like us, are not free from faults. They too, are on their respective soul’s journey to evolve & experience life on earth. They too, are controlled by their delusions of pride, ignorance, anger, jealousy and attachment.
  • Everyone has their free will to choose what they want to align with, at every moment.

With the reality presented to me as it is, the Masters asked me to contemplate: What do you truly want to achieve or complete in this organisation? How would you like to co-create with us to contribute to this organisation? As of now, I have no concrete answers to these questions.

Yet, I feel this strong push within me, to reclaim all these assumptions & expectations imposed upon others. To call back all these powers conveniently “outsourced” to others to do the right things with wisdom and compassion, or to bridge the divisions in everyone’s hearts and minds.

Now, it is a precious opportunity & reminder for me to look inwards and contemplate:

  • How can I, at my individual level, do the right things with wisdom and compassion?
  • How can I, at my individual level, bridge the duality in my heart & mind, and to bridge the divisions in the hearts & minds of others, one at a time?

While I cannot change others (if they are not ready to embrace change), I am definitely empowered to create my own change within myself, starting from my own thoughts, words, speech and action. And to allow my changes to gradually extend outwards to others, all in divine timing.

May I be the change. May I be the voice of truth.

And so it is.

Blessings be to All! ❤

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