Masters, how do I sail through work changes with ease?

Dear child, there are many disruptions abound this year, as humans adapt to a new way of doing things. Many of us are expected to revisit the existing work processes, and tasked to consider if improvements (even radical ones) can be made, to facilitate work mobility and higher productivity.

Amidst the influx of work-related changes & disruptions, be strong & courageous as to what’s coming ahead. Do not fear the unknown – what it may bring, how it may unfold, what the results will be. All you need to do each day is to focus on the present moment, the present issue to be resolved. There is no need to overthink by worrying over all possibilities, worst-case scenarios etc. It is all these worrying that drains you or wears you down, rather than the actual work itself. If we simply focus on the present task to complete, and devote all our awareness to it, you will find not only better focus, but also greater energy, enjoyment and efficiency. The quality of work will be enhanced.

Masters, how can I train my mind to focus on the present task to complete?

First, you can cut away all unnecessary distractions that take your energy away each day. For example, putting aside your mobile phone in a safe space where you won’t be tempted to use it, or even switching it off or putting it on airplane mode. This might seem harsh and even absurd in a day & age where humans are intimately connected to technology. Nevertheless, we would encourage you to try it, if it is not necessary for you to be constantly connected to your mobile phone. These days, the lines between us and the world are very much blurred, despite the lack of physical (face-to-face) interactions. Many of us are bothered (and even overwhelmed) by the constant influx of whatsapp messages, social media updates, redundant emails and gossips from all sources. There is no need to devote our mind & energy to all these, for it does not truly bring us lasting joy & peace of mind.

Amidst all these busyness everywhere, it is crucial for us to carve out precious time, space & energy for ourselves – for our inner work, reflection & meditation. Prioritise things that truly nourish & recharge our soul, rather than to constantly deplete our limited supply of energy. By prioritising these activities, we are like sowing seeds in the fertile soil of our higher consciousness, tending to it daily, pulling out the weeds, allowing it to bloom & blossom as it is meant to be.

Second, take things step by step, part by part. Dissect the humungous task that is allocated to you into manageable parts, and deal with it one part at a time. Build the different parts over time, and finally to interlink all those parts together. Breaking the work down into manageable parts will not overly stress you, but allows you to mindfully devote time & energy into creating each part as needed.

Little reminders to brighten our day

Don’t forget to find a reason to smile each day. Practise gratitude daily, for there is always something to be grateful for every moment, whether we are aware of it or not. Meeting a difficult person can be a precious opportunity to look inwards & resolve all triggers within you. It can allow you to internalise the lessons that your soul chose to learn through the person’s presence, so that your soul can move onwards & upwards in its journey. Similarly, encountering a difficult circumstance can be a precious opportunity to check inwards, to discover the root causes for the underlying stress, fears, worries, insecurities & triggers, and to heal, release & resolve it.

Don’t forget that we are always around to support you, each one of you. You have your free will to call upon us to assist you as needed. We respect your free will, and no matter what, we work towards your highest good. You’re very, very special & precious to us.

Blessings be to All! ❤

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