What have I learnt in 2020?

It is almost nearing the end of 2020. It feels as if 2020 swept by like a tsunami, bringing about massive upheavals & changes. Soon, it will be part of history, as do every passing year, day and moment. It is timely for me now to take stock of the main lessons that I learnt in 2020.

What is my greatest lesson for 2020?

The greatest lesson that I learnt is that inner peace is not an elusive object to be attained externally. Rather, it has always been within me, albeit buried by layers and even lifetimes of limiting beliefs, trauma, disconnection to God/Source/Universe and other painful memories.

Just looking at this lifetime, we already have so many distractions everywhere, internally and externally. Externally, we are flooded with social media updates, newspapers, online channels, gossips, all kinds of information & misinformation. Internally, we are frequently in a state of stress & frenzy, caught up in the daily struggles of work & life. Amid the busyness of life, it seems almost impossible to quieten down the heart & mind to connect with ourselves from deep down.

This year, luckily or unluckily, Covid-19 forced all of us to adapt to a new way of living – in isolation.

Before Covid-19, my work life was centered around a physical office, with an open office concept, fixed working time, and my other colleagues. With Covid-19, we were mandated to work from home (all alone), with minimal office resources (only a laptop), and the greying of boundaries between working time & non-working time, work & life. Initially, as a creature of routine, that thoroughly threw me off balance. I was left to operate from a section of the dining table, projecting my laptop screen onto an ancient computer monitor buried in the storeroom for years. It was uncomfortable.

Yet, after a few weeks, I started discovering the joys of being forced into isolation. I found myself with more time to spare, since I do not need to commute to & from work. With pent-up stress from the blurring of lines between work & life, I committed to meditate daily, sometimes even twice daily.

Meditation became my daily outlet to ground, release, heal & grow. It is so comforting to meditate in my Akashic Records, feeling the loving & supportive energies of my Akashic Masters. It was and still is my constant refuge amidst the fears, worries & panic felt by everyone around. It is a safe space to assure me that all is well, that I can well enjoy this present moment, this precious meditation. That lasting peace can be found by going inwards, not outwards.

What is another main lesson that I learnt in 2020?

The next lesson that I learnt is that once I open up my mind & heart to explore, many precious opportunities await. I used to think that I can’t do online learning, because I can’t focus well staring into a computer screen, and there are too many distractions at home. With Covid-19, that perspective shifted when I realised that hey, life still has to go on, learning still has to continue. Since life is fleeting & impermanent, I am going to seize each moment to learn & grow to the best of my ability.

As I started taking up online courses to grow spiritually, I discovered the joys of online learning. It feels like food for my soul, as much as we need food for our physical body. I was incredibly fortunate to learn from teachers online, to grow day by day, moment by moment.

If I were to imagine how much I have grown today (at the start of 2020), I would not have imagined this exponential learning & growth of myself – my connection with myself, my perspectives of myself & others, and my connection with my Akashic Masters. I would not have imagined creating this blog, and enjoying each precious opportunity to share with you my dialogues with my Akashic Masters.

Our heartfelt thanks to All

We thank you for supporting this blog. We appreciate your presence, and we hope that you enjoyed reading each post, as much as we enjoyed writing it. We look forward to learning & growing together with you. Happy New Year in advance!

Blessings be to All! ❤

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