Masters’ sharing: Sneak peek into 2021

2020 has been an uncertain and turbulent period of change for mankind. We understand that it has been tough journeying through Covid-19, and facing other related fears & worries. At the same time, let’s not forget about the desperate pleas & cries for help from people living in war-torn countries, who suffer from deep-seated fears & worries every moment, every day.

When we are confronted with daily information about the worsening state of affairs, it sometimes seeps into our consciousness & makes us feel upset, worried, fearful and stressed. We want things to change for the better, but we feel powerless to do so. We want to sustain the inner peace, but it just seems ever so elusive when bombarded with negativity externally.

We understand that everyone is going through a very challenging period of time now.

Trust that things will only get better eventually. That there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Humans are ever so resilient, and as we continue to stay united, we will be able to stand up against all odds and defend humanity from any crisis. Everyone plays a part in this giant scheme of affairs – how each one of us think, speak and feel on a daily basis, contributes to the energies in the mass consciousness. Hence, it is important for us, at tumultuous times like these, to go inwards. To return to our inner sanctuary where our inner peace always resides deep within.

Sometimes, one may wonder, does it mean that we are deluding ourselves to escape from the external reality when we go inwards?

To which, we answer, it doesn’t matter. We do not have to be tangled up externally, if it doesn’t truly serve us internally. At every moment, we are empowered to choose to feel calm, centered and grounded, amidst the external chaos, storms & upheavals. It doesn’t make us less of a human. Instead, it allows us to gain control of our thoughts, emotions & feelings. With that, we can choose to channel our energies to other means that truly serve us in the long term.

2021 energies will be particularly intense. It will be marked by a period of further changes, shifts, transformation & upheavals, externally & internally. At the individual level, we can choose to harness these energies to iron out recurring issues that have stopped us from moving forward, from growing spiritually. In essence, we can choose to ride with the waves or against the waves. Either way, we have a choice, even if it doesn’t always seem clear that we have one to begin with.

One may wonder, how can we prepare for 2021?

To which, we answer, don’t worry about how the future will unfold. Simply focus on the present moment, and that is all that matters. We encourage everyone to go deeply within, and rest in the inner peace within. All else is secondary.

Masters, would you encourage us to set New Year resolutions?

To which, we answer, it depends upon the mindset in which these New Year resolutions are being written. Are we prepared to stay committed to take all the steps needed, to allow these plans to unfold in reality? Or is this merely a fleeting & impulsive desire to create magic, when one is not prepared to put in consistent effort to bring it to fruition? Check in with your real intention, when your New Year resolutions seemingly don’t manifest in reality. Reflect on the role that you play in bringing each resolution to fruition. And it is never too late to try again next year.

We wish everyone all the best! Blessings be to All! ❤

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