Masters, how do we truly love ourselves from deep within?

Dear child, begin by feeling into the depths of your heart: what is stopping you from loving the real, authentic you from within? What opinions, perspectives and judgements have you taken on from others, knowingly or unknowingly, which made you unable to love yourself fully? What do you not like about yourself and why so? Where did this dislike come from?

To a large extent, our childhood experiences shape our beliefs, and therefore our personality. As a child, we absorb the experiences, beliefs, opinions & judgements from people around us with minimal or no filter. Everything in our environment contributes to the formation of our conscious, subconscious and unconscious beliefs about ourselves & others. For example, if we were harshly scolded as a child for being stupid & slow, and frequently reminded by people around us, it is common for us to take on this limiting belief in our system that we are somewhat stupid & slow. As we grow & explore the world, it then expands to include associated limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough in everything I do”, “I feel inferior to others”, and “I am unable to see the light & goodness within me, such that I am reliant on external benchmarks (e.g. opinions from people)”.

If we were physically / verbally abused as a child or our parents were unavailable for us, we may grow up thinking that there is something defective within us, therefore we are not deserving of love. As an adult, we tend to attract people who are emotionally unavailable, unable to reciprocate our affections genuinely, or (in extreme cases) physically or verbally abusive towards us.

If we resonate with the above, inner child healing is recommended. The purpose is to go back to our experiences as a child, between the ages of 0 to 12 years old, to connect with our younger selves, feel the emotions and release any baggage that we have taken on from others then. The baggage that later snow-balled into the associated limiting beliefs that chained us from moving forward right now. We may need to repeat the inner child healing as necessary, until we feel neutral or unaffected.

You may begin to realise the reality that most of our limiting beliefs came from others. If we focus on this lifetime only, most of our limiting beliefs originated from our childhood experiences. Therefore, in order to effectively heal ourselves, we need to start healing our inner child.

Masters, do you have any other advice for us?

Dearest children, if you have had traumatic childhood experiences, we understand that it is often daunting, and somewhat mission impossible, to have to re-live your childhood experiences. The instinctive urge is to sweep all these painful childhood experiences under the carpet, pretend that they do not exist, and live life once more. However, the reality is that the baggage never disappears, until we consciously choose to face them directly and clear them from our system.

We do not have to live under the hostage of these baggage, most of which likely came from others. We are empowered to choose to liberate ourselves from the past conditioning & limiting beliefs, and soar in the vast, blue skies with a liberated soul. We believe in you and your infinite potential. We encourage you to give it a try, at your own baby pace. There is no rush and no need to expedite beyond your comfort level. Call upon us to surround you, if needed, to hold the space and protect you should you decide to give inner child healing a try.

For inner child healing, there are many options to choose from in the market, from freely downloadable meditations to seeking professional help. Either way is fine. Go with what you’re ready & comfortable for, at this stage. When you begin to heal & set the intention to heal, the path opens up for you, guiding you to the next steps to take, all in divine timing.

We wish you well, Blessings be to All! ❤

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