Masters’ sharing on suffering

Dearest children, we feel the suffering that you are enduring every day in your life. We feel your pain, your anguish and your calls & pleas for help. We are doing all our best to balance out the energies in the mass consciousness. Know that we are right here, supporting all of you, doing all that we can to reach out to everyone.

Within you rest a precious reservoir of stillness that you can utilise, to rest, heal and recover. Go within to seek solace in your stillness every time you feel stressed, lethargic, anxious and depleted. Bask yourself in the golden nectar of your divinity hidden within your stillness. Do not worry about what the future will be or how the future will unfold. Simply focus on the present moment, the present breath. That in itself is all you need right now.

Be kind & gentle to yourself during this period of change & turbulence. There is so much uncertainty going on this year as a result of Covid-19, which uprooted mankind from their usual rhythm of life. Know that all these changes will facilitate the transformation & awakening of mankind over time.

In the month of December, we encourage you to go within – to rest, reflect and meditate. Reflect on how far you have grown this year. Give thanks for every day that you are alive, for this breath brings with it infinite possibilities for you to learn, grow and evolve. Practise gratitude to all persons who helped you and even those who harmed you. For all of them are, in one way or another, guiding you to discover your true inner self residing within – the inner purity of light within, shedding away layers of self-doubt, fears, anxiety, worries, anger and other negative states of mind & limiting beliefs. We have to release & let go of the past, in order to welcome new beginnings. We have to learn to forgive the unforgiven, in order to open up that space in our heart to receive & give. We have to quell the discontentment and darkness within, to open up to receive more light.

When we heal, we open up to the possibility of a new beginning / a new chapter in our lives.

We are ready to embark on a new beginning with you, and to manifest a future that is aligned with your soul’s journey. Are you ready to co-create with us? 🙂

Blessings be to All! ❤

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