Masters, what does self-acceptance mean to you?

Dear child, self-acceptance means to look inwards, come home & center into the divine being that already exists within each of you.

When we come home to ourselves, we accept all parts of ourselves as they are, without imposing any judgement or expectation of what we should be. These include accepting our good & bad, light & darkness, oneness & duality, rigidity & flexibility, which exist within each of us.

We accept the mix of masculine & feminine energies within each of us, which is a perfect balance created for each unique being. We do not have to force ourselves to take either extremes, of being completely masculine or completely feminine. It is this unique mix of yin & yang energies that allows mankind to learn, grow & evolve in its soul’s journey to accept the truth as it is. The truth is that of oneness – within, across, among & beyond all living beings. There is no real divide that separates Source/God/Divine beings from human beings, plants, animals & all other living beings in earth, the galaxies and beyond. The only separation is the illusion of mind that perceives this great divide, and holds it to be real & tangible.

Human beings are accustomed to relying upon their five physical senses, as they are commonly taught. These five senses are: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. But these five senses also keep us trapped in the limiting belief that things are the way that we are presently able to sense, with our five physical senses. The truth is, there is so much more to explore, if we allow our mind to be open to receiving a world within and without, which has no boundaries, which is fluid & flexible, and which is constantly dancing to the rhythm of the Light.

Masters, would you like to share any message with all of us?

To all our precious children, you are worth so much more than what you may perceive yourself to be. Your true being at the core is infinite & expansive, fluid & flexible, and a perfect harmony of everything that you may or may not perceive. And you have within you, a direct connection to Source/God/Divine beings. You have no real separation or divide from us. We are one and the same.

Therefore, we encourage you to look inwards, slowly & steadily, at a comfortable pace that is perfect for you. There is no need to rush or force yourself to move beyond what your soul is ready for. Know that we are around to support you any time you need. You may call upon us if you need.

We invite you to set aside time for quiet meditation & contemplation daily. To simply pause, observe and be still. To allow your mind the opportunity to quieten down and center yourself, away from the busyness of work & life. To gradually discover the true divine being residing within. When we are new to meditation or on busy days, it is perfectly normal to observe a mind cluttered with thoughts, worries, fears, stressors, and so on. Give yourself permission to pause, observe, acknowledge and let go. Thoughts are like clouds that pass through the vast skies of our mind. Let them come and go.

As you prepare for meditation, draw your mind slowly inwards, from your space, to your body, and then to your breath. Take all the time you need to settle in to yourself. If you would like to take the next step, gently focus your attention on a virtuous (or neutral) object of meditation, whichever you’re drawn to. Give yourself permission to enjoy your meditation, without expectation or judgement of how it should unfold. This is an opportunity to come home & center into ourselves. To accept all parts of ourselves as they are, as well as the infinite potential of what they will be.

Blessings be to All! ❤

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