Masters, how can I be less triggered by the judgements & opinions of others?

Dear child, start off by centering into yourself, instead of being caught up with the energies, judgements, opinions and criticisms of others around you. Everyone is entitled to their own viewpoints, simply let them be. Allow them the space & opportunity for self-growth & self-exploration by observing & patiently accepting them as they are. There is no need to react or retaliate, for it only drains your energy further.

Masters, how do we center into ourselves daily?

(1) Dedicate quiet time daily for yourself, be it meditation, self-reflection, or mindful awareness on activities that recharges the soul. Allow yourself the luxury of time to love & care for yourself. Filling your own tank, before attempting to fill the tank of others. Help others only when we are in a better position – physically, mentally, emotionally & even spiritually, to do so. This allows us to devote quality time to love & care for others effectively. If you feel drained or depleted in energy, it is a sign to stop what you are doing and retreat into your inner sanctuary. Tune in to yourself to figure out the reason(s) behind the energy depletion, what’s not working well for you, and adjust if needed.

(2) Journal down your thoughts, emotions & feelings on issues that trigger you. This creates the opportunity for deeper self-reflection & self-realisation from within. How often do people earnestly & sincerely point out your faults with the hope of facilitating your self-growth? It is not often, perhaps even rare, simply because most people are similarly caught up with their own issues, baggage and struggles. Very few of them are able to present such enlightened perspectives to the world. Hence, it is of utmost importance that we serve as our own mirrors; intentionally creating our own mirrors to investigate our blind spots and to see the issues that need healing within us. Through deeper awareness of things as they are (with this precious “cooling-off period” created), we are able to better decide what to do next, or none at all.

(3) Be kind to others around you who may be suffering. Suffering arises from our inner delusions; no human is free from their inner delusions, no matter how blessed they appear to be. We are in our respective soul’s journey to evolve through experiencing suffering. Hence, there is no need to aggravate or perpetuate someone else’s suffering by engaging in a war of toxic words, speech & action. Break off from the cycle of negativity by simply taking a pause (do a mental counting from 1 to 3, or 1 to 10, if needed), rest and observe. Courageous are the ones who remain calm & peaceful (within & without) when harm is inflicted upon them. For it takes so much courage to be still & observe, while maintaining a calm & peaceful state of mind, instead of instinctively reacting & retaliating to the perceived harm.

Above all, know that each of us are a work in-progress, no matter the age, race, gender, identity and background. We are all navigating and grappling in the dark on the way out of this endless cycle of suffering. Be kind & patient to ourselves & others at all times.

Further, do not be alarmed what comes up for you, when you start journalling your thoughts, emotions & feelings on issues that trigger you. It is more often than not an inner journey of self-discovery & self-exploration, through which you gain the higher wisdom & awareness of why certain issues arise for you, and perhaps where all these came from. Know that all these revelation is simply what is needed to help you heal from within.

Blessings be to All! ❤

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