Masters, what does inner work mean to you?

Dear child, inner work is essentially a journey towards self-discovery; to uncovering the infinite potential that already exists within each soul.

As humans journey through lifetimes, we take on so much baggage from the world through people, context & situations around us. Through life experiences, sometimes we managed to resolve or internalise some issues, other times we accumulate more issues to be resolved or internalised. These unresolved issues form the baggage that we carry over to our next lifetime, and so on.

Without these baggage, humans will not have the precious opportunity to acquire the higher wisdom to evolve, by resolving & internalising these lessons. Hence, these baggage are tools to assist in our soul’s evolution. Do not be quick to cast blame or judgement towards these baggage that we carry with us, knowingly or unknowingly. Although these baggage shapes your experiences in your soul’s journey, they ultimately do not form part of your soul’s inherent existence. Your soul’s inherent existence is pure, divine light, just like us. We are one and the same.

Masters, how can I work with you to deepen my inner work?

Be completely open & honest with yourself, on all the issues that surface for you to resolve & internalise from time to time. You’ve embarked on the mentoring program, through which you are in the safe hands of an experienced mentor to guide & deepen your inner work further. Keep trying, no matter how difficult or challenging it is to deal with the issue. If we do not resolve or internalise these issues, they simply bottle up and accumulate over time. With time, layer by layer, the issue becomes more complex & confusing, until it seems almost impossible to unravel this whole mess. Have patience with yourself. Humans make mistakes, humans are controlled by our delusions – it is completely normal. But know that it is not the true You (the pure, divine light) that resides within.

Masters, do you have any advice to everyone on inner work?

To all children, there is no better time to work on yourself than now. Wherever you are, whatever you do, it is a blessing, not a pain, to heal & resolve the baggage within you, bit by bit, layer by layer. You’re blessed to be here right now, reading this blog. You’ve the blessed opportunity of this lifetime to heal & resolve whatever issues you’re ready to work on. You’ve the wisdom & the access to us to co-create with you. There is no better time than now.

All it takes is an intention to start working deeply on ourselves & the determination to be brave. Trust that you’ve all the courage, wisdom & strength to face the inner demons or baggage within. See them as dirty clothes that we have clutched too tightly to be a part of us, and it is time to let go. We see the infinite potential that exists within each of you. We see the beautiful spark within you.

Wishing Everyone well, Blessings be to All! ❤

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