Reflections from the heart

Recently, Masters invited me to look inwards to discover my own inner sanctuary. A special space within that is detached from the hustle & bustle of city life, flurry of activities in daily work life, and random musings & updates from everyone on social media.

Initially, I felt a little lost & confused, not knowing what I am supposed to do when I start looking inwards. What do I do when I take a break from work? The usual impulse is to grab my phone and surf social media, liking posts as if on auto-pilot, or to randomly surf food delivery apps or shopping platforms. I started noticing my instinctive reaction to grab the phone as & when I am bored, almost like an addiction to quickly fix the boredom within. With that mindful awareness, I started making attempts to break this habit, and to find time for meaningful pursuits that nourish my soul. For a start, reading an e-book that resonates with the depths of my soul, signing up for courses/programs that are aligned with my spiritual growth.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has drastically altered & reconfigured the daily rhythm & balance in everyone’s lives. Whether we want it or not, most of us are forced to adjust our habits. The massive changes in the external world brings with it the opportunity for massive transformation in our internal world, if we learn to quiet our mind and listen to our inner voice. That inner voice that is soft yet profound, that will patiently guide us to what our soul truly wants to achieve in this lifetime, unaffected by other people’s opinions, judgements & influences. All in divine timing.

It has been a week since I cut down my time on social media. Have I experienced any changes?

Noticeably, I feel more alive, refreshed & energised each day. Being someone who is diagnosed with autoimmune and arthritis issues, I often feel drained during the weekdays, amplified by the work stressors & related emotions of fear, worry & stress that I take on. It doesn’t help that I devote even my free time at work to surfing the phone. All these resulted in my body, mind & soul being constantly attached to, and influenced by, the external world. It leaves me feeling tired yet restless, hungry & discontented, and drowns my inner voice.

With the energy boost, I have more time & space to sign up for interesting talks & activities that expand my heart & mind to the infinite possibilities that the Universe may present. To experience them myself, instead of day-dreaming or finding excuses for myself. If I never try, I will always stay at the same spot, or walk around in circles. How then do I open myself up to the new experiences, new opportunities, new ways of doing things that the Masters have repeatedly suggested?

At the same time, I feel that I am better able to tune in to my inner voice, on whether the activity in question, truly resonates with my soul and is for my highest good? Or is it triggered by fear, panic & insecurities of not knowing enough, not being good enough?

With the energy boost, I started noticing the lessons that the Universe sent for me to internalise. Lessons to allow me to slowly unravel the deep-seated issues within me, one at a time, layer by layer. To observe more deeply my thoughts, emotions & feelings in each situation. So that I can record them down to reflect further, and to work on myself deeper.

May these little reflections benefit you. Blessings be to All! ❤

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