The art of patience

Dear child, you seemed to be in a frenzy lately, rushing around to complete many tasks daily. Trying to tick off as many tasks as possible from your mental checklist.

It is time to slow down, go within and center yourself. There is no point mindlessly rushing around, if it ends up exhausting your body, mind & soul. You end up going around in circles, and not truly accomplishing anything important. You may easily get tangled up by the energies of people around you, or even influences from the social media. Go within to seek solace within yourself and uncover the deeper truths from within.

Masters, what would you suggest for me to do to seek solace within myself?

First, have plentiful rest. Allow your body, mind & soul to be nourished with sufficient sleep, for then it energies and revitalises you for the events of the day. It puts you on a state of mental alertness & awareness to people, context and situations around you. You are in a better position to decide for yourself, what truly serves you & is for your highest good. Your inner voice becomes louder, and the Masters’ voice becomes clearer. You are then able to examine and reflect on people, context and situations as they arise with a more detached mind of neutrality & objectivity, love, peace, patience, acceptance and compassion, instead of being caught up with their energies.

Second, dedicate time for quiet solitude throughout the day, not just during meditation. Be mindful of what exhausts or drains you each day. List them down, if needed. Consult the Masters, if needed. Limit the time on social media, for there is no point examining what other people are doing with their lives, if it does not truly serve you & is not to your highest good. If it dims your light getting caught up with other people’s energies, it is time to physically & mentally distance yourself from them while you do your inner work to build & nourish your light from within. There will come a time, or episodes of time, when you feel physically & mentally ready to interact with the world. When that happens, embrace the opportunity to share your learnings, reflections & realisations generously with them. For example, what were the deeper truths that you uncovered while in quiet solitude? Focus more on yourself, your inner journey & your inner voice each day – what is it trying to tell you?

But Masters, how do I dedicate time for quiet solitude throughout the day, if I need to work during the day?

What we meant is to pay attention to yourself and your inner voice – what is it trying to tell you? You may be working on the outside, but what is your state of mind from the inside? Is your mind peaceful & quiet like a flowing river, or is it caught up in the torrents & storms of life? Is your mind enjoying & cherishing each moment as it comes – which brings with it the opportunity to gain higher wisdom, learnings & self-improvement, or is it caught up in the lower dense energies of fear, worry & stress over the unexpected? Is your mind truly engaged in the present moment, or is it caught up in the unforeseeable future? Stop worrying about the future, for the future path will pave itself as you embrace, cherish & focus on the present moment.

Third, spend time in nature. Allow yourself the time to soak & bask in the healing & grounding energies of nature, to release what no longer serves you, safely & deeply into Mother Earth. Allow yourself the time to simply be, focused in the present moment. How does your breath feel like today? How does your feet feel with each step you take? How does your body feel today? Also, take time to ponder: what are the things to be grateful for today?

And so it is.

Wishing Everyone well, Blessings be to All! ❤

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