Masters, how can I be more patient & forgiving towards my dad?

Dear child, start by feeling deeply into your being: where have you buried & held on to emotions of anger, resentment and conflict within you, which you remain unable to fully release & let go?

When you meditate, take time to breathe and observe your body in a patient, compassionate and non-judgmental manner. Observe how each part of your body feels today. Observe where tightness, discomfort & pain can be found in your body. Observe the size, colour and shape, if any, of any emotions that you may locate within each body part. Be mindfully aware of how each body part feels and breathes, in relation to the other body parts. Feel the inter-connectedness of your own body.

Be open to accept whatever tightness, discomfort, pain & emotions that arise every day, in a neutral & non-judgmental manner. Perhaps even with the spark of curiosity & open-ness of mind to discover what you didn’t know about your body previously. Allow everything to surface and simply be. Allow yourself to accept the natural occurrence, movements & shifts within your body.

With that mindful awareness that you cultivate over time through meditation, allow it to flow to other aspects of your life. Be it relationships with family & loved ones, colleagues, friends & even strangers. The art of being mindfully aware of how things simply are within each person, context & situation. Simply observe and accept the status quo of how things have developed and are developing within each person, context & situation.

Everyone is uniquely different, and grows at their own pace at their own divine timing. Celebrate their uniqueness. Hold space for their healing, learning & growth by not judging them further & embracing the highest potential that you may see within them. Treat them with respect, patience and compassion, just like how you treat any Higher Light Being in your life. We are all equal. There is no distinction between humans & God, between the lower & higher realms. We are one and the same.

Amid the daily work struggles, hectic life, information overload from news & social media, we may easily lose ourselves & feel overwhelmed if we are not careful. Take time to center ourselves each day, simply breathe and observe. Locate that central beam of light & support from within. That strong pillar of support that carry you through life each day, unaffected by everything around.

Wishing Everyone well, Blessings be to All! ❤

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