Common misconceptions about Akashic records / Akashic reading & healing sessions

Today, we would like to share some common misconceptions about Akashic records / Akashic reading & healing sessions.

Misconception 1: Akashic records are only helpful for past life readings

“Akashic records”, also known as the ‘book of life’, is like an encyclopedia or a huge database which stores every soul’s journey from past to present lives. It details every soul’s triumphs, challenges, promises, vows, lessons to learn and more, as the soul moves from one lifetime to the next. These Akashic Records are lovingly taken care of by the Masters of the Akasha, who are a group of Ascended Masters, Archangels and Pure Light Beings living in the 5th dimension and beyond. By tapping into the wisdom, love & compassion of your Masters, you will find much-needed clarity, calmness & peace in your heart to questions that matter deeply to you.

Misconception 2: Akashic records require me to subscribe to a particular religion, belief system or God

“Akashic records” is an alternative term to describe the Universal energy all around us, which one can tap into for healing (e.g. Pranic healing, reiki), or to dive deeper into information on the soul’s journey from past to present lives. “Akashic records” have always existed all around us (whether we know it or not). While “Akashic records” have been contextualised by mankind across different eras, such contextualisation is open to one’s own interpretation and therefore misinformation exists. Such misinformation happens when one unintentionally mixes the universal phenomenon with one’s personal biasedness, belief systems and schools of thought.

Everyone has their own “Akashic records”, whatever their religion (even if there is none) or belief system may be. “Akashic records” is a universal energy that cuts across all boundaries of race, religion, culture, belief system and stereotypes accepted by the modern world. Anyone with an open & willing heart & mind is welcomed to access their Akashic records, whether through a reader or otherwise. At times, in dreams, deep meditation or trance-like state, humans may unintentionally access snip-shots of their past lives, and this is also a means of accessing your Akashic records, though not a form of ‘secure access’ (in IT lingo).

Misconception 3: Accessing Akashic records is like trying to ‘play God’ & changing our lives when we are not supposed to, hence harm will befall on us

You can see “Akashic records” as a way to consult your Masters of the Akasha, who care deeply about you and your well-being. Your Masters sincerely want you to evolve into higher states of consciousness, so that you are ultimately freed from the karmic cycle of rebirth, and truly find pure and everlasting happiness from within.

The Masters respect & recognise that every soul is empowered to decide how best to live their lives. The Masters do not interfere or intervene with your lives, unless requested by you and only for your highest & greatest good. The Masters are like your advisors in your soul’s journey; you remain in charge of your soul’s journey, and you may choose to consult, or co-create with, your Masters or not. The choice is entirely yours.

The Masters assure that there is no ‘karmic backlash’ from accessing your Akashic records. They are more than willing to render advice & assistance to you, their precious child, if it helps your soul to evolve in this lifetime. The Masters recognise that it is helpful to crystallise the learnings & provide a higher perspective to assist mankind to move forward, when their souls are ready to transform.

Misconception 4: Accessing Akashic records is a quick fix or quick solution to life’s problems

While you may consult or co-create with your Masters, the Masters recognise that you are ultimately in-charge of your own lives, and you decide how best to live your lives. Hence, accessing your Akashic records is not a magic pill to automatically heal & cure all life’s problems.

However, if your soul is willing, your Masters are most ready to provide you with the higher perspective & guidance to questions that matter deeply to you, so that you may move onward & upward in your soul’s journey.

For example, humans often like to ask their Masters which option is the best. In most cases, it is for the soul’s highest good that the Masters present the pros & cons of each option, as well as the learnings involved, so that the soul may make an informed decision. It is not for the Masters to take over control of your lives, and dictate which option should prevail at all costs. The Masters respect your free will, and therefore your freedom to decide.

We hope the above points are helpful, and we wish you all the best in your journey ahead.

Blessings be to All! ❤

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