Masters, how would you like me to be of divine service to you?

Dear child, feel into the depths of your heart: what speaks out to you now?

The truth is, you’re neither technically incompetent nor lacking in any specific skillset, to serve as an Akashic Records reader. Trust that you will be guided every step of the way. Do not allow your fears, insecurities, self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts to get in your way. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to co-create with the Masters to serve the clients that come your way. Allow your soul to reap the infinite learning & growth gained through each precious experience reading the Akashic Records for others. Allow them to benefit from the light that you hold within you. You don’t have to shine your light like a wildfire before you are ready to serve.

Generally, as humans, we fear what we cannot see. We fear the unknown: the depths, twists, turns, ups and downs that the unknown may bring. We feel the need to wrestle control, to be ahead of all things, to have a clear plan before embarking on & executing the plan. But in reality, everything is fluid and subject to change. Amid the ebbs & flows of life, humans are empowered to decide and shift accordingly.

Masters, how can I heal & release my fear of unknown?

Be open to new experiences, new ideas, new concepts, new ways of doing things. Open your mind & heart up to explore the infinite possibilities that the Universe may present. There is no right or wrong decision, for every decision affords one the learning & growth along the way. Be brave, my child, never stop trying and take each step as it comes. You will be guided.

Also, take time to go back to your childhood experiences, to heal and release things that no longer serve you, when ready. Healing takes place in layers, similar to the act of peeling an onion. As you go deeper into yourself, allow yourself the opportunity to forgive all the people who may have wronged you, hurt you badly, or let you down in the past. The past memories no longer serve you, and they too are ready to be released, so long as you’re ready not to cling on to them.

Masters, any other messages to let me know?

When we come into stillness, we are able to tap into, feel and grow the divine love within us. Beyond the limits of the physical heart. Beyond the limits of the physical body. When we sit in meditation, allow this divine light (like golden nectar) the freedom to flow as it desires, beyond the boundaries of self-imposed limitations, societal expectations and others’ opinions. This is You, your true divine infinite light awaiting to explore the world with you, one without any boundaries.

And so it is.

Wishing you well, Blessings be to All! ❤

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