Masters, how do I ease into my body aches & pain with a peaceful mind?

Dear child, start by understanding that human existence in each rebirth is fleeting & impermanent. Many of us grasp on to our earthly existence tightly, expecting all conditions within and outside of us to be perfect. When these expectations are not met, we sometimes feel devastated.

One such expectation is that of a healthy and well-functioning body, free from pain and diseases. It is normal for humans to wish to be free from suffering, including physical suffering. Until we ascend to a higher consciousness, it is difficult for us to free our body, mind & soul from experiencing, and being attached to, suffering. This karmic cycle of rebirth is suffering in itself, but it is also a means & an end to suffering.

The question is: are we able to rise & see beyond the current suffering inflicted upon our bodies, and internalise the greater truth behind this experience?

Humans are here on earth to evolve to a higher consciousness. Living with physical pain is an opportunity for us to liberate ourselves from being attached to our physical body (and the idea that it is our complete existence in and of itself). It is an opportunity for us to liberate our mind from being attached to the symptoms & feelings of pain, as well as all our expectations of a perfect body as shaped & influenced by the mass consciousness (including people around us).

When we can see ourselves as separate from our physical body & mind, we are able to calmly observe any physical pain & aches that arise, instead of reacting in anger, resentment, discontentment and sadness. We learn to courageously take a step back and reflect on the greater truth to learn from this experience.

When we are able to see our fleeting & impermanent existence, we stop grasping on to the far-fetch notions & ideals of an enduring, perfect & flawless physical body. Instead, we simply learn to accept our body as it is, and do our best to take care of this physical vessel, without being overly attached to any expectations or outcome. We stop comparing with other healthy bodies, and stop imposing upon ourselves the expectations of a similarly healthy body. Instead, we learn to be grateful for this precious human rebirth, for this precious opportunity to learn, grow and evolve in this lifetime. And simply know that no matter what, your Masters are always around to support and guide you, and everything that happens for you is perfect for your learning & growth right now.

Wishing you well, Blessings be to All! 🙂 ❤

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