Grateful for my blessings in life

Today, Masters encouraged me to recall some of the blessings that I have received in this present lifetime, big or small, and rejoice in them. By recounting my little blessings, it reminds me of how far I have walked in my journey, and the unlimited kindness that I have received from the Masters, Teachers and all other living beings that have appeared in my life so far.

Thank you Everyone for appearing in my life.

Thank you Masters for your infinite patience, unconditional love and kindness. Your presence reminds me that every human being (including myself) has the infinite potential to embody our divine qualities within & radiate our divine light, just like you. You are with us everywhere, in the cosmos, on earth, around us, and deep in our hearts. Thank you for tirelessly working for mankind. Even when we forget about you, even when we blame you for all our misery, thank you for not forsaking us. Thank you for your gentle presence in our lives.

Thank you all my Spiritual Teachers for generously sharing with me your lifelong knowledge & wisdom accumulated through so many personal hardships & obstacles. I have learnt vast amount of knowledge in a short period of time through the great kindness of the Teachers whom I have met.

Reiki was where it all started. Through the kindness of Mikao Usui & the lineage of teachers, I was infinitely blessed to receive the attunements to activate my hands with the healing energies from the Universe. Initially, my mind doubted when I signed up for Reiki 1. It sounded too good to be true. Back then, nobody that I knew in my life had ever shared to me anything about Reiki. But I was in so much physical & emotional pain that I was desperate to try anything. Thank you for giving me the daily boost of energy that I need. Thank you for gently shifting my mind from being a victim to an empowered individual with the ability to choose.

Singing bowls came next. I secretly wanted to learn how to play traditional musical instruments that seemingly reverberate beyond the earthly realm, especially after I attended several gong classes tuning in to the melodious healing frequencies of the gong. I couldn’t find a suitable gong workshop in Singapore, so I ended up learning Himalayan singing bowls instead. My family almost fainted when I started accumulating all my babies (7 large full moon singing bowls, 3 medium singing bowls, 1 baby full moon singing bowl). Nowadays, thankfully they have accepted the singing bowls as part of my life. That I am still their child, even if I may not always walk the conventional path.

Beautiful rider-waite tarot cards came next. I was always curious and fascinated by how tarot readers looked so mysterious and the readings are often on point. Thankful to pick up tarot reading quickly through the experienced guidance from Tarot Singapore Online.

Akashic Records reading transformed my life. It allowed me the great fortune to directly connect with my own Masters, to seek the Higher answers to questions that bothered me for the longest time. It gave & continues to give me all the clarity, assurance, guidance and healing that I need. It is beyond all scientific & logical explanation that my mind can ever process. It is felt by my heart. The deep knowing of truth & words of wisdom that transcend across lifetimes.

Most importantly, to the people whom I perceived to have treated me unkindly in the past, I wish you well. Thank you for mirroring to me what is within me that requires healing & release. To allow me the opportunity to face these issues directly, instead of sweeping them under the carpet. To allow me to learn & continue to learn the precious & priceless lessons of patience, compassion and love for all living beings. May you be well, happy and at peace. May you be free from suffering.

Thank you All! 🙂 ❤

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