My deepest gratitude to the Akashic Masters

Dear Masters, thank you for everything; your unconditional love, compassion, enduring patience, deep calmness and infinite guidance in every aspect of my life. I am immensely grateful to connect with you in this incarnation. Somewhere deep within me, it felt like I waited for this opportunity for many decades, or even lifetimes. Finally, I received this precious opportunity in this incarnation.

I started on this journey in the Akashic Records feeling very lost & confused. I needed guidance, but I didn’t know who to turn to. I needed to receive accurate higher messages / advice from a pure source, not those tainted by one’s belief systems, religions, stereotypes, biasedness or the mass consciousness (i.e. what everyone “should” say, feel or do).

Thank you for receiving me with so much patience, kindness and love. Through the dialogues I had with you (written down in my notebook), you never once put me down as wrong, bad or sick. With your beautiful non-judgmental demeanor, you patiently, kindly and lovingly shed much-needed insights, advice and messages with me. Like a mother’s unconditional love for her dearest child. When I doubted myself on the messages, you tirelessly repeated the same or similar messages until I was completely convinced. You’re always so calm & compassionate, never forcing us to quickly accomplish many things or drastically change many aspects of ourselves. Like a mother feeding her dearest baby with food, bit by bit, so that we can digest & internalise to the best of our ability.

When I think of your divine love & existence, I feel inspired. Day by day, moment by moment, to work on myself so that I can embody more of your divine qualities within myself. The more I work with you to channel messages for others, the more I realise the issues within me that need to be healed, whether in past or present lifetimes. I am determined to work on myself as much as I can in this incarnation. I am determined not to waste this precious human rebirth.

Sometimes my friends or family members ask me: Who are you? Who did I see? How did you look like? Once you replied, “we are a collective group of light beings serving you”. Rarely did you mention your specific names, for you didn’t need all these fame, recognition or reputation. You humbly embody your divine qualities in the background, radiating them to the world when needed.

When the world is full of conflict, fears and other lower dense energies, you are like a beacon of light in the dark, ready to shine words of wisdom, truth & light to whoever is ready to receive them. I am deeply honoured & humbled to work with you.

Few months back, you suggested that I blog about my dialogues with you. The hope is to facilitate my deepest healing & release, while allowing people who may resonate with my experiences to similarly benefit from it. And so, I embarked on this website, publicly posting about my questions to you and answers received. I am like a hermit, preferring to hibernate in a corner, than to be in the limelight. But I have received so much from you, and this is my way of fulfilling your little request for me.

To all lovely friends who are reading this website, thank you for gracing your presence. May you be happy, healthy and safe as always. I look forward to share more topics on my own journey, as and when the inspiration comes. 🙂 ❤

I have graduated as an Akashic Records Practitioner! I will share about my services in a separate section of this website when ready. Whether you need or don’t need the services, I welcome you all! If you resonate with the blog posts, and would like to keep reading, it is my honour to share. 🙂

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