Masters, how do I maintain a high vibration at work?

Dear child, start off by understanding why you feel stressed at work. What are the causes / triggers for your stress? Is it triggered by yourself or others or conditions around? What have you knowingly or unknowingly absorbed into your mental consciousness?

We begin by exploring the possible triggers caused by yourself.

  • How do you talk to yourself at work? Do you frequently talk down to yourself when you were seemingly unable to complete the designated tasks to the best of your ability? Or do you patiently nurture your body, mind & soul with deep understanding & compassion?
  • Do you radiate in your divine light & mindfully maintain the radiance? Or have you dimmed your light by giving away your powers, energy & soul parts to everyone around who needs your help?
  • Have you been appreciating yourself and the value of your existence? Or have you been comparing yourself with others around and subjecting yourself to the harsh scrutiny of yourself? Have you forgotten to be kind to yourself and to give yourself the tender loving care that you need (as much as anyone else)?
  • What are you trying to prove to yourself & the world each day? Why are you taking on so much for everyone regularly?
  • Have you taken sufficient time & breaks to recharge your soul in between work? Or are you constantly fiddling with the phone, checking out the latest news alert or social media post or worrying over “what-ifs” at work? There are just so many possibilities & permutations at work (as with life generally). The kindest thing that we can do to ourselves is to simply pause, relax and focus on the present moment. Just one thing at a time, breathe.

Don’t forget to go deep within yourself, if you want to heal the root cause of all these issues surfaced.

Ask yourself: What is it within me that needs to be healed? What is the root cause of my inferiority complex, my perfectionist tendencies, or the need to constantly prove my self-worth & be validated externally? When did I take on such beliefs? When was the first time this issue arose (be in past or present lives)? How can I release them now?

Be gentle with yourself. Healing is a gradual process of the body, mind & soul that takes time. Step by step, with trust, faith and the deep desire to work on yourself, you will get there one day. Believe in that, and your infinite potential.

Here’s wishing Everyone all the best! ❤

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