My experiences reading the Akashic Records for others

For the past few months, I was busy clocking up at least 30 free Akashic Records reading & healing sessions for others, to qualify as a practitioner of the Akashic Light Academy.

I started off on my journey not knowing where I was heading, or what to expect. For a control freak like me, this triggered heavy emotions of fear & trust issues that quickly came up for healing. As I was asking around for anyone who might be interested, initially I was faced with rejection almost everywhere. I took the initial rejections somewhat personally; that people did not find me good enough, that I was not worthy to be a qualified practitioner. As someone who looked externally for validation for most of my life, it took me some time to realise that these rejections were a blessing in disguise. It forced me to tune inwards fully to myself as I asked myself: Who am I? What am I trying to do? What is my soul’s purpose? Why am I rejected? What do I need to learn from all these rejections?

As I reflected in my Akashic Records, some lessons came up to me for healing:

  • I was triggered by the external rejections because I depended on external validation for most of my life. My definition of success included a well-paying job, important job designation, and how others viewed me. It was a huge transition for me to embark on my journey as an Akashic Records reader. I felt like a naked being exploring an unknown territory that was not seen as mainstream, where the risks of rejection by others were high. I couldn’t cling on to my usual measures for success; in fact I have nothing to cling on to.
  • Deep down, I rejected myself. I couldn’t trust myself fully, or believe in my capabilities or potential as an Akashic Records reader. I felt that I was not as intuitive as other practitioners. I felt that I wasn’t good enough. These self-sabotaging thoughts had to be released.
  • I was used to operating from my mind, and not my heart. For a long time, I abandoned my heart, because I felt that it was a wimpy child that I didn’t know how to present to the world. The inner child wounds were suppressed in my heart. They too, had to be released.
  • I judged myself, and I judged others. I was constantly judging myself, with all kinds of expectations imposed upon myself. And I projected such judgements & expectations onto others as well. All these belief systems needed to be healed. Else, these belief systems clogged up the brain, mixing up the Masters’ messages with my ego’s voice.
  • At the core of it all, I am unable to internalise the concept of oneness of all beings. I cling on to the notions of duality, which I am still working to heal & release, day by day, moment by moment. Starting by being mindful of my thoughts, words and action.

Within the Akashic Records, everyone is the same. No matter who they are & what they do, humans have similar worldly problems & issues that need clarity and healing.

Importantly, the Masters of the Akasha treated every client with immense compassion, patience and love. Their messages are always pure and loving, simple words yet ever so profound and full of wisdom. I learnt so much while channelling what the Masters wanted to convey to their beloved child, and witnessing the infinite potential that rests within each person.

It has been a deeply humbling journey thus far. I am almost nearing the end of my practice sessions. I thank each client for signing up for the session with an open heart & mind. I thank their Masters for sending them to me. I thank everyone for the opportunity to learn, grow and heal.

May everyone be well, happy and at peace. Much love & blessings! ❤

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