Masters, how can I liberate myself from the judgements of others?

Dear child, start by believing in the infinite potential that exists within you. That you have all it takes within you to radiate Love, Light & Hope to the world. That you don’t need to seek external validation of your intrinsic self-worth. Because no one is able to accurately measure your infinite potential except yourself, through your own deep connection with your soul.

Also, learn to be compassionate to people who may have judged you, be it in the past or present. At some level, these people are trapped by their self-limiting thoughts, beliefs and perspectives that they have yet to liberate their soul from. That they too, are on their own journey of healing & release, learning their karmic lessons in order for their soul to grow & evolve in this lifetime. Accept them for who they are, and what they may be lacking. Hold space for them by respecting the inner divinity (or inner light) that exists within them, even as it appears dormant or somewhat non-existent.

Do not judge them any further. Let things be. Let things rest.

Hold space for your own healing by not being defensive to the judgements of others imposed upon you. Allow yourself the time & space to reflect & internalise with your soul.

Why am I triggered by the judgement? What is it within me (e.g. thoughts, beliefs, perspectives) that is calling out to be healed & released? How can I forgive the person? How can I forgive myself? How can I choose to release & let go? How can I be a better version of myself today?

Be brave, my child. It is never easy to look inwards. But once you put aside all excuses and start looking inwards, it opens your heart, it liberates your soul. That in itself is simply priceless.

Wishing you well, Blessings be to All! ❤

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