My recent realisation – Who Am I?

I would like to share this deep realisation I discovered recently – Who Am I? It all started from a refresher course I attended for Akashic Records Practitioner course, in which we explored the 13 Aspects to personal mastery. The 1st Aspect is Who Am I?

This sounds like an innocent and frivolous question to begin with. What do you mean by “who am I”? Do I not know “who am I”? Ain’t I the person known by others as lawyer, daughter, hardworking & determined person? Or known by myself as perfectionist, high achiever, dreamer, walking on my spiritual journey? What else do I need to know?

But the Masters have shown me – did we realise how many labels we have knowingly or unknowingly imposed upon ourselves?

In our desire to survive & flourish in this world, have we taken on all these expectations (innocently packed as “labels”) and held them so tightly that we thought they were part of us? That they were part of our innate existence? That they were part of our soul?

Why do we even bother examining “Who Am I”?

Personally, I realised that if we cling on too tightly to these labels, we face deep anguish & sadness whenever anyone challenges or doubts these labels. How would I feel if someone tells me, “you are a failure”, “you’re nowhere on your spiritual journey”, you’re such a lousy lawyer”, “stop being so idealistic and day-dreaming in your fantasy world”?

The analogy that my Teacher shared, which I remembered fondly, is if someone tells ice cube that you are but a puddle of water, ice cube would be very sad. Because deep down, ice cube expects itself to be seen as having a form (a square cube).

Perhaps it is time for us to mindfully examine the labels that we have knowingly or unknowingly imposed on ourselves. Next time when we feel triggered by anyone’s comments, take time to centre into ourselves and examine: Why am I triggered? What is the label that is the cause of my trigger?

Let’s not go through life in autopilot. It is time to take the driver’s seat and take charge of our thoughts, feelings & emotions. We don’t have to suffer emotionally like waves going up & down, at the whim & fancy of someone else’s judgement, criticism or opinion upon us. Instead, maybe it is a precious opportunity each time for us to do some much-needed inner work to hopefully remove our attachment to these labels. Liberate ourselves from our own labels, now and forever.

The context of this sharing arose as I was speaking to a friend who felt extreme sadness from her family’s judgements & criticisms of her as being incapable as a driver & a supervisor. She realised that deep down, she held on to the label that she is “excellent”. Therefore anyone who doubts her excellence hurts her deeply.

I am similarly a work in-progress. While speaking to her, I was reminded of a deeply held label within myself, which has caused me many sleepless nights & deep sadness – that “I have a twin flame”. Yes, that may be true externally, but it doesn’t define or change me internally. While I thank the Universe for allowing me to meet mine in this lifetime, it doesn’t change who am I deep down. Beyond all the fantasies of the external world, all I am is perhaps the little flame of light within me that dances with me all day & night. It is all that I have when I bid farewell with my physical body. It is all that I have as I journeyed & will journey from one lifetime to the next. Naked & vulnerable as it is – my little flame of light.

Wishing you well, Blessings be to All! ❤

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