Masters, how can I stay happy & healthy during Covid-19?

Dear child, as you are aware, the world is facing a difficult period now coping with the unexpected Covid-19 outbreak that arrived so abruptly and affected billions of people worldwide. Covid-19 basically “uprooted” almost everyone from their comfort zones – what they have been used to in terms of thinking, feeling & behaving. It destroyed the familiarity & certainty that most humans crave for and work towards all their lives. Suddenly, everything is put to a pause. What to do next?

Perhaps take time to go deeper within and ask ourselves: “What is it within me that I treasure?”

Are we too caught up with our pursuit of wealth & material possessions? Yes, no doubt these are important to feed & clothe us, but they too are fleeting & impermanent, as is earthly life.

Are we tangled up with emotional issues surrounding the heart, be it painful memories of people who let us down or hurt us, judgements & criticisms of ourselves & others? So what if we have been judged, hurt, criticised or let down by others? Why are we even judging or criticising ourselves?

Are we too caught up with blaming others for our misery & suffering? Have we forgotten to check in with our soul and understand, “What is the life lesson that my soul needs to learn from this difficult person or situation?”

Have we been overworking our physical bodies, out of the desire for success, wealth, recognition, or external beauty? Have we allowed our soul to indulge in some much-needed rest?

“Rest” in this context doesn’t mean binge-watching on movies or live-streaming of videos, endless pursuit of social media, addiction to the phone, and so on. These activities, if not moderated, keep the soul in a constant state of flurry – what’s the next quick fix? We seemed to have completed so many tasks each day, when we might only be walking around in circles.

Rather, “rest” is to allow your soul some precious time each day, to be still, to pause, reflect, recharge & rejuvenate. To accept that there is nothing wrong in not doing anything. To allow the mind to take a backseat, so that the heart can step forth to share what it needs right now. To reclaim your personal power, energy & soul parts, instead of generously dishing them to others at your own expense. Some sharing is great, but not too much till it overwhelms you.

Also, take time to check in with your heart, “How does it feel today?”

Don’t forget to smile. It’s a miracle & blessing that you are alive, on earth, taking this breath, and reading this blog now. 🙂

Wishing you well, Blessings be to All! ❤

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