Masters, how can I stop imposing expectations on my dad?

Dear child, be at peace with yourself. Simply know that wherever your dad is right now at his soul’s journey, it is perfect for him. His Masters will be around to guide him to evolve at his own pace.

As his family member, you simply have to accept him for who he is, including his flaws, weaknesses, limitations, self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts & patterns.

Don’t forget to be grateful for his existence. Celebrate the fond memories of his hard efforts in feeding the family when you were young & vulnerable. Recall how he saved your life with the expensive medical treatments and didn’t complain, protest or even reject the hospital bills. Seen in the context of how dear he clings on to his wealth & material possessions, you learn to appreciate how valued you are to him. That your life, to him, is simply priceless.

Sometimes, we launch a monologue of complaints about a person’s imperfections, weaknesses & flaws. How that person “should” or “should not” be. In that process, we forget to celebrate & cherish the person’s existence – who they simply are. That they have presented their real, authentic & vulnerable self to you, the side of them that they are terrified to show the world. You’re so blessed to witness this hidden wounded inner child of theirs, and watch how their inner child takes baby steps to heal & come to terms with the past. You’re incredibly honoured.

Dear child, life on earth is fleeting, vulnerable & impermanent. Treasure the precious connections while they last. Thank them from the depths of your soul for easing your path to experience life on earth in this incarnation. That you’re blessed because you’ve received their countless & priceless blessings. And so it is.

To any beautiful soul who has a difficult relationship with their loved ones, know that your soul chose this precious connection, to allow you to learn, grow & evolve in this incarnation. Your loved ones may be struggling on their own soul’s journey to evolve. Be kind & compassionate to them. By holding the space to accept them for who they are, you allow them to heal & release so much, unknowingly.

Masters of the Akasha

Wishing you well, Blessings be to All! ❤

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