Masters, how do I forgive myself for causing my Twin’s death in a previous lifetime?

Dear child, be kind to yourself. Your Twin’s death in a previous lifetime was part of your soul’s wish & desire to experience the breadth & depth of earthly existence.

A human’s life on earth requires one to experience the natural process of birth, ageing, sickness and eventually death. Alongside this natural process, humans also experience separation, pain, conflict, hurt, blame, resentment, anger, and a whole suite of lower dense energies that they need to learn & release, in order to evolve on their soul’s journey.

No one learns better than to experience it themselves. That is why reincarnation is so valuable, to allow mankind to play out (and replay) karmic issues, until they are able to learn, grow & transcend.

So how do you forgive yourself for whatever happened in the past?

  • Acknowledge & accept that your Twin’s death in the previous lifetime was part of your soul’s journey to evolve. Since you have identified the core wounds from the past, do not allow the same karmic issues to replay in this lifetime. Learn, grow and transcend from these issues.
  • Forgive yourself for your inability to change that previous lifetime. Some things are simply beyond our control, we just need to let go & release.
  • Focus on the richness & infinite potential of this lifetime. Be grateful for the opportunity to revisit the past with renewed lenses of wisdom & maturity now.
  • Let go of what you cannot control in this lifetime. Work on being the best version of yourself each moment & each day, without holding on to expectations of what the outcome will be.
  • Connect with your soul through daily meditation, regular exercise, visits to Nature, and aspire to be of service to others slowly & steadily.

Let go & release what no longer serves you. Learn to experience the richness & beauty of each moment by seeing with renewed lenses of wisdom, love & compassion for yourself and others.

Masters of the Akasha

Wishing you well, Blessings be to All! ❤

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