Masters, how do I love others unconditionally?

Dear child, begin by asking yourself, “how can I love myself unconditionally?”

Unconditional love is like an alien concept to the human world. The closest that some may get is a parent-child relationship. Humans are used to living in a transactional world, where there is a form of exchange in everything. For example, if you give me love, I will return you with money, time, attention, devotion or loyalty. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, love has always been pegged as a form of currency, to be exchanged & transacted in the human world.

However, love in its purest form knows of no exchange and no boundaries. It is far-reaching & expansive, even innately to ourselves within the depths of our soul. We love simply from the heart. We love because we feel like loving. Even if others treat us unkindly (e.g. unappreciative thoughts, words or actions), or do not reciprocate, we continue to love. Like a glowing Father Sun radiating its warm love onto the planet to keep it alive, without asking for anything in return.

How then can you love yourself unconditionally?

  • Be your true, authentic self. This is simply who you are & who you need to be.
  • Accept who you are, and that you are already whole & complete within. That you’re perfectly imperfect, and imperfectly perfect.
  • Spend time loving & nurturing yourself. Honour your physical vessel & soul that allowed you to enjoy your earthly existence in this lifetime. Honour the Light Being that you are.
  • Meditate regularly. When you are calm and at peace with yourself, you centre & ground yourself into the heart of Mother Earth. And when you have filled your own tank with love, you are ready to slowly radiate the love outwards to others around you.
  • Exercise regularly. The release of endorphins centers your physical being with joy. It also creates space in the mind, away from needless mind chatter.
  • Connect to Nature. Spend time outdoors, enjoying what Mother Earth has to offer & support you for your healing & growth. It is also a lovely bonding time with your soul.

To love others unconditionally, we have to begin by loving ourselves unconditionally. In that process, we release the blocks and limiting beliefs that we may have created to prevent us from loving ourselves unconditionally. Be strong, my child, you are worthy of the Divine Love & your own unconditional love. Centre into that inner knowing, and know that we will always be around to support & guide you.

Masters of the Akasha

Wishing you well, Blessings be to All! ❤

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