Masters, why do I meet my Twin Flame in this lifetime?

Dear child, the short answer is your soul chose to evolve faster & further in this incarnation.

“Twin Flames” are essentially two parts of the same soul that “mirror” to each other the deepest & darkest trauma, wounds and hurt (whether in past or present lifetimes), which need to be healed & released now and forever. However, instead of releasing the old energies that no longer serve them, many Twin Flames unwittingly get caught up in the dynamics of conflict, struggle or separation. Such issues are not necessary, if one learns to look within with the eyes of wisdom, love and compassion to identify the root cause of what is being reflected externally (via their Twin Flame).

My child, learn to release & let go of old energies that no longer serve you. So that you may rise to a higher vibration or frequency within. There is no shortcut. You need to do your inner work diligently day by day. Also, you need to be mentally prepared to face directly your deepest & darkest trauma, wounds and hurt, and intend for them to be released. The release may happen instantaneously, or it may take days, weeks, months or even years. Go with the flow. If you are willing to do your inner work (even if it is just an intention), your Guides will be around to support you. Trust that you will be supported & guided, and you’re never alone in this journey.

The beauty of Twin Flame dynamics is that it accelerates your spiritual growth & evolution. It brings to the forefront all the issues that you need to resolve within, and there is just no hiding behind the veil. Everything is exposed, and you feel completely vulnerable and naked. But trust me, things will get better, as you have already sensed from the start of your spiritual journey till now. Fret not about what happens externally with your Twin Flame; instead, focus all your attention inwards – how can you be a better, brighter & lighter version of yourself?

For all Twin Flames out there, the conflict, struggles or separation that you have with your counterpart is a mere illusion of the mind. The soul is always connected. Centre yourself into that deep inner knowing, and focus on being a better version of yourself each day. You don’t need your Twin Flame to complete you; you’re already whole & complete within.

Masters of the Akasha

To each beautiful soul, we wish you well, Blessings be to All!

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